As an organisation, we have spent over 30 years passionate to see God’s people fully equipped to change the world with the Gospel. All over the U.K., leaders of churches, denominations, and ministry networks have invited us to come alongside them as they release the Kingdom to flourish in their communities. Our heart is particularly to help Christians learn to reach the people that current methods and church structures aren’t reaching.

We are often asked to meet up and consult on creating bespoke ways to reinvigorate ministries of prayer and evangelism. This can result in anything from a church-wide training course to individual mentoring. The streams below will give you some examples of what we do and what we train in, but this is only a glimpse of the exciting ministry opportunities God is calling us into.

A digital network of disciple-makers

Mission 365 is an online resource designed to create communities of disciples who make disciples. We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt in over thirty years of evangelism and distilled it into video courses which will help anyone, whether you’ve been sharing your faith for years or feel nervous at the very idea, to find ways of proclaiming the good news which are Biblical, natural, and reproducible.

We believe that the Holy Spirit doesn’t just want to show up in your community: he wants to completely transform it. This transformation isn’t confined to Sundays, or to ‘professional’ or ‘anointed’ evangelists: all over the UK, God is breaking out through everyday believers ready to share him every day. If you want to see the gospel take off as a multiplying movement, Mission 365 is for you.

The tools we train in are incredibly flexible, designed to help you find the way to share your faith that is the most effective for you and the people God is calling you to. We are constantly improving and adding to our content, and it can be used to train individuals or groups. Signing up connects you to everyone in your area who is also on fire to see Jesus change lives, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It’s also completely free.

So come on. Join the movement.

Hub for gospel movement in Britain and beyond

Our team in Oxford is at the forefront of our mission to re-evangelize not only Britain, but all of Europe. The Disciple Making Movement model we use here has proven itself throughout the world as brilliantly effective in transcending the boundaries of culture.

Can you think of people in your life who are intrigued by God, but who (for any number of good reasons) would never go to church with you? If you can (and let’s be honest, that’s most of us!) then this ministry is for you.

Instead of taking people to church, we take Church to people. We create ‘Discovery Bible Study’ (DBS) groups in which people can discuss Biblical passages and discover the truth for themselves. In time, these DBS groups become missional communities in their own right, multiplying and creating a movement of the gospel within their communities.

The key thing about this model of evangelism is that foregrounds the Word of God and allows his Spirit freedom to move, and as such it is uniquely suited to bring Jesus to every kind of demographic: particularly ones which the Church has struggled to reach in the past. That is, ultimately, the vision of OxHub: to become a centre of a disciple-making movement that reproduces itself all over Britain and out, into Europe and beyond.

One-stop shop for social transformation in Ukraine

Kreativity is the first British led international team of CRM UK. Based in Cherkasy, Ukraine, Kreativity is affectionately known by the rest of CRM as a one-stop shop for social transformation: our team there runs near countless initiatives to minster to a community of both financial and spiritual poverty.

Ukraine is a nation of both great suffering and huge resilience. The legacy of communism and the devastation of rampant alcoholism are just two of the chronic challenges to Ukrainian society, and in the face of these struggles swathes of Ukrainians are disillusioned with the expression of faith they find in the Orthodox Church. Spiritual darkness has risen up in this gap; it is common to hear of curses and hauntings wreaking real distress.

We stepped into this environment determined to share God’s love in every possible way. In response to the acute unemployment crisis, we created jobs: eKreative is a website and app design business founded in 1999, the first of several business endeavours, including an English school, which bring resources back into the community and send their profit into outreach work. Each of our business projects have a dual purpose: they express God’s love by meeting economic and social needs in the community, and they also serve as connect strategies to bring people into contact with the good news.

This good news has created a thriving community of worship which, in sharp contrast to the apathy marking much of the Orthodox Church in Cherkasy, is driven to bring the love of God to Ukraine and beyond. As part of this mission, we equip Ukrainian believers to grow and share their newfound faith, and we send teams of youth on short-term mission projects internationally. For many years Ukraine has only received Christian aid, rather than provided it, and so we are deeply excited to see God raising up a generation of home-grown leaders who are activated to bring Life into Ukraine!

Find out more about our different ministries in Ukraine here.

Partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring freedom to the land

‘Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.’ Ephesians 6:12

God is inviting you to go to battle for his kingdom. It is an incredible joy to partner with the Holy Spirit as he changes the atmosphere of our homes and communities. Every revival in history has always been preceded by passionate, focused, faithful prayer, and today it’s no different: if we want to see God move, we need to keep prayer at the core of everything we do!

We’ve seen God use the simplest prayers of the simplest people to kickstart cultural transformation in London’s housing estates, to bring reconciliation between hostile church leaders, and to heal people on the streets and even the buses of Britain’s big cities. We are eager for believers to be activated to pray with all the world-changing authority God has given them. This is the time – all over the U.K. God is waking up his people to take responsibility for their neighbourhoods and prepare the ground for his work.

We want to come alongside these people – churches, apostolic communities, or just people who love their streets – and teach them what we’ve learned about world-changing prayer. We want to see the Church engaging with the Lord strategically to bring freedom and transformation up and down Britain. This can look like prayer walks, spiritual warfare, blessing, intercession, founding houses of prayer – God likes to mix up his methods, but his power to redeem remains the same.

Taking Jesus to the unreached on our doorstep

 Islam is currently Britain’s fastest growing religion. There are over 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, and they make up the religious majority in 49 countries. Yet they are one of the most unreached demographics in Christian history. One estimate states that for each missionary called to Muslim outreach, there are four hundred thousand Muslims.

We’ll say it again: 1 missionary to every 400,000 Muslims.

We are doing our bit to change that! In spite of this staggering statistic, God is still (of course!) pursuing his Muslim sons and daughters. The increasing presence of Muslims in the U.K. gives us an opportunity like never before to share the love of Jesus with people who have only ever heard it misrepresented and slandered.

We do this in two main ways: we work with local British churches and believers to equip them to reach out in love to their Muslim neighbours, and we work directly with Muslims, sharing the gospel and establishing self-replicating communities of believers from and within Muslim communities. Our vision is to see Christians from a Muslim background flooding back into Europe and the centre of Islam, bringing Jesus with them.

Reaching the world through creative commercial enterprises

Over the years we’ve spent in full-time ministry, we’ve met a lot of Christian business people who seem to think that their jobs are only valuable to God as a way of funding mission work. We disagree: we think businesses are one of the most exciting fields for expanding the presence of God in the world.

Here at CRM UK we have a many years of experience implementing and consulting on business-as-mission projects. One if the businesses we consulted on, the church-café Kahaila, now has a yearly turnover of over half a million pounds. Our business-as-mission projects in the Ukraine are extremely successful, currently sustaining over 100 employees. We are looking to replicate this success in the U.K. by investing in businesses that not only generate income to support ministry, but are ministries in their own right because they create opportunities for the gospel to be shared.

The reason this form of ministry is so crucial to the growth of the Kingdom is that businesses reach places in society that more traditional forms of mission have not. If you’re a Christian business person and you want to use your gifting more directly for the growth of the Kingdom, CRM UK may be the place for you.

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Jesus cares fiercely for the poor, and as a mission organisation, we take the Biblical mandate to care for the disadvantaged and marginalised very seriously. Globally, CRM ministers among the poor through teams in InnerCHANGE, which in the UK is a partner organisation.

CRM UK is interested in finding a British form of ministry for the British poor. We are looking for passionate people who want to see Jesus create organic, lasting change in the communities who are most disadvantaged in the U.K. If that’s you, we want to explore partnering with you as you pursue your calling. Get in touch here

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