Anaheim, California – 1980: God gathered together a small group of men and women with a common link: simply a desperation to see the Church activated to spread the Kingdom worldwide.

Today, that desperation is shared by over 500 staff workers who serve in more than 100 nations. Church Resource Ministries (CRM) is a diverse global network of teams partnering with the Holy Spirit to transform their communities. The ministries differ as widely as the nations – from Costa Rica to Russia – they serve, but the passion to raise up and equip God’s leaders in strengthening and extending the Church remains the same.

In 1986, the first CRM missionaries to Europe landed. Soon they were partnering with the leaders God raised up on the ground, forming permanent bases that could, in turn, launch teams locally and internationally.

London, England – 2004: CRM UK was founded as an independent organisation working within the CRM family. CRM UK is on fire to serve British Christians and every form of the Church in Britain. We started in London, and since then teams have sprung up all over the UK.

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