About CRM UK

We are a family of believers deeply committed to releasing the Kingdom of God into our communities all over the U.K.

We have heard the decline of the church declared, and we have seen religion retreat to the fringes of our society. Over the last fifty years the spiritual landscape of Britain has changed profoundly and expressions of faith are now often met with reactions that swing from indifference to outright hostility.

God is calling his people back

In the midst of this, we hear God proclaiming a radically different story. We are living at the turn of the tide: God is calling his people back to him and breathing new life into the Church in all its forms – not as a religion, but as a relationship with Jesus Christ.

to partner with the Holy Spirit

It is our joy to partner with the Holy Spirit in his ministry of renewal, and we do this in ways as diverse as the communities we serve. At the core of our work is a passion to see the gospel break out as movements sweeping through our neighbourhoods. To make this happen we work with churches and missional individuals, equipping them to share their faith effectively wherever they are, and to undergird their mission with the power of prophetic prayer.

embracing a lifestyle of mission

We have teams throughout Britain who are committed to community transformation full-time by embracing a lifestyle of mission, and we work in all parts of society: from universities to back alleys, from businesses to mosques. We want to see the Church broken open to welcome a lost generation.

raising up leaders who are living with audacious abandon

God is raising up leaders who are living with audacious abandon to bring his freedom to our islands, and it is our privilege to develop and pour into these people. If you are on fire for Jesus and you want to see him glorified in the U.K., we want to partner with you: if you have a dream – for a ministry, a Kingdom expression of business, a revival in your town – or if you want to see God glorified around you but aren’t quite sure where to start, get in touch! Let’s build his Kingdom here.

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