Praying to a Big God – the middle road

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Praying to a Big God – the middle road

So we’ve talked about the two extremes or traps when trying to pray to a Big God. Statue Prayer and Atheist Prayer.
So how can we pray trying to avoid them?
Well it’s very simple, so simple it may sound obvious, but I tell you, it’s changed my life.
If there’s a problem that you want to bring to God, I recommend praying like this:
God, you’re a Big God, you’re a loving God, I know you want to intervene on my behalf over this issue. Can you tell me what what your solution for this problem is, and what my part to play in your plan is?
I’ve found this way of praying to be really helpful. It starts out recognising God as a good God, as a Big God, but it also recognises that God calls us to partner with Him to change the world. Especially our world.
The way I see it, He knows how to solve the problem better than I do. So I want Him to tell me what I need to do.
Often, as a result of this prayer, I’ll get a feeling I need to take some step I hadn’t thought of, or hadn’t prioritised, I often check that feeling with others to see if they think it is God. And when I do the step, I see a real difference made.
Of course, there are times when God says, “hold on for a bit, I’m working things out that are beyond you right now”, and perhaps in times like that, I need to lean in to His comfort and care. It hurts to have to wait in times of unanswered prayer. However, I want live as a Big Godder, as someone who trusts God is good and loving and can act. So it’s about avoiding the pitfalls of Statue Prayer and Atheist Prayer and living in the love of our amazing God.

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