Big Godders Part Two – Where is God little in your life?

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Big Godders Part Two – Where is God little in your life?

I knew that I wrote about the difference between Big Godders and Little Godders a while ago, but I didn’t realise it was all the way back in 2009! (here’s the post if you haven’t read it).
So the idea of being a Big Godder has been with me for a while. However, I’ve noticed a nuance, a significant one–even if I do say so myself–about how this can work.
You see, I’ve met people who can have incredible for faith for things in one part of their life–they are trusting God to use them to reach really difficult people groups for instance. And yet, in other parts of their life, they can’t even trust God to provide housing for them.
What I’ve noticed is this:
Christians can be Big Godders in one part of their life, and Little Godders in lots of other parts of their lives!
This doesn’t negate the previous observation. I do think there is a macro-scale version of this where people don’t have any areas of their lives where they are Big Godders and that’s a huge problem.
But I do think it’s helpful for us all to ask the question: Where in my life is God little?
Where do you find it difficult to trust that God will come through?
Where are you solving the problem with your own strength, intelligence, will and not letting God in?
Where is worry, anxiety, sleeplessness, doubt, taking root?
As I’m writing this, I realise it opens quite a can of worms. There is a lot connected to this. We could talk about: Where I struggle with this; how this is an inner-healing issue; how this is connected to how we relate to the Godhead; or we could talk about a poverty or orphan mindset.
I think in my next post I’ll start with one way I changed how I pray in order to be more of a Big Godder. More to come…

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